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Sorry for all the SL spam - I’m just very excited about my mod kit ideas - I’ll be answering some Caelia / Veritas questions today! I promise! ;o;

—Can you tell I’m obsessed with Pony Mod kits?
Here’s a Snow Leopard I made on a whim and plan to release sometime next week (along with regular Leopard colouring) I know Snow-leopards aren’t a canon show species but once I thought of it, it had to be done!

If anybody is interested, my next 3 pack releases will contain the following textures/species:

Leopard pack
Snow leopard textures
Clouded leopard textures
African leopard textures

Lion pack

African lion (fawn) textures
African lion (tan) textures
White lion textures

Big cats pack
Lynx textures / ears / tail
Saber tooth textures / teeth
Cheetah textures
Puma textures
Cougar textures
Tiger textures
Tiger (white) textures
Liger textures

Awww, dat stile <3

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